Natural Smiles Dental Care

Natural Smiles Dental Care is an integrative practice committed to promoting dental wellness and overall assistance to the whole person. We desire to participate in the creation of healthier lives, while being sensitive to physical, philosophical, emotional and financial concerns.

Healthy Journey Oils

Natural-based wellness for body, Healthy Journey Oils is for spirit, home and pets (ask me how it has helped with my horses). Essential oils and essential oil-infused wellness products help take your wellness to the next level. Educating, enlightening, helping – I can meet you one-on-one, or lead a class or workshop. Call or email for more information.

Wise Ink Publishing

Wise Ink Creative Publishing is a boutique indie publishing agency partnering with authors to publish with quality, impact, and most of all, strategy. With backgrounds in both traditional and indie publishing, we see the values in both avenues and we bring our authors the best of both worlds.  


FuzionPrint is a printing and fulfillment company providing digital print services. With years of experience, we’re an excellent choice for presenters, businesses and authors because we’ve already heard the same questions—and we have the answers. In addition to books, postcards, bookmarks, banners, business cards and rack cards, we also offer resources: editors, proofreaders, interior designers, cover designers, illustrators and shipping specialists.

Sacred Wheel Center for Grief and Healing

Cheryl Downey has empowered healing through life losses for over 35 years as a hospital/hospice chaplain. She is a trained shaman of 17 years providing individual/group sessions and retreats to create opportunities for those caught in the pain of grief/loss to discover their own powerful healing path around the ancient sacred wheel into the beauty of an enlightened heart.

Natural Awakenings Magazine

Natural Awakenings Twin Cities is a free monthly print publication that focuses on natural health and wellness for people, their pets and the planet. Natural Awakenings is a franchise magazine and found in over 85 cities in the country and Puerto Rico.

Our Exhibitors

Awakened Living

Awakened Living embodies the contemporary concept of integral medicine, where you are immersed in your healing potential and personal growth through a network of natural therapies designed specifically for you.

Dawn Stebbing

Dawn Stebbing works with individuals and organizations creating a powerful executive presence and leadership skills teaching them the ABC’s of image. Appearance, Behavior and Communication, so they become better communicators, and lead more efficiently. 

Blessed by Music

Blessed by Music with Dianem and Jage will be performing in the Atrium area where people can congregate and relax and soak in the soulful music of this amazing duo.

Golden Sun Chiropractic & Healing Taj Massage

Dr Una Forde, owner of Golden Sun Chiropractic specializes in gentle chiropractic adjustments using Kinesiology. She shares an office with Theodore Rick of Healing Taj who specializes in Massage, Active Isolated Stretching and reflexology.

Crystalline Light

Crystalline Light is your high-energy source online crystal shop, education about crystals + stones + wellness + Blissful Crystal Subscription box, Amethyst Biomat for self-care and more.

DoTerra with Kathy Joy Grove

Kathy Joy is the conduit to stimulate your innate self-healing processes. She works with your inherent health to keep the lymphatic system moving and assists the body in its continual cleanse. She will be giving sample Lymphatic Treatments and have DoTerra Essential Oils.

Readings by Linda Sue

Readings by Linda Sue is a Certified Angel Therapist & Medium. Linda Blaylock has over 10 years providing services to help others on their spiritual path, find answers and connect with deceased loved ones. Your messages given by your heavenly helpers and loved one are exactly what you need at this moment. Linda is gentle, caring, open and honest.  

Soulfully Me!

Lisa Irgens of Soulfully Me! offers energy work with the intention of feeling good naturally and loving one's Self completely.

Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy

The Northwest Academy of Homeopathy offers a four-year professional training program and homeopathic low-cost student clinic supervised by faculty.

Marie Savage

Marie Savage owns Earth & Water Wellness and is a pet communicator. Marie can connect with your pet and open new doors of understanding for both of you.

Nancy Jambor

Life Coach Nancy Jambor, "My mission is to help women to claim their power, speak their truth,  manifest their dreams and to live up to their potential. I support women  in taking risks, going to the edge of their courage, defining their  life purpose, being authentic and clarifying their core values. I  encourage all my clients to celebrate their spirit, open to  opportunities and possibilities and to share their unique talents and  gifts with the world." 

Total Health & Healing

Total Health & Healing Center has been a holistic and alternative Wellness Center in Coon Rapids since 1981.We like to take a total approach to uncover our patient's individual cause of illness, disease, or discomfort.

Warren King

Warren King has been a licensed acupuncturist for 25 years. In that time he has treated 10,000 different patients. He uses many modalities such as Auricular Medicine (using the ear as a map of the body), Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy (to get to the emotional trauma causing illness, as well as nutrition, herbology and homeopathy. Warren always tried to get at the root causes of issues.  

Your Life Core

Shaman, Psychic Medium, Energy Healer, Laurie Wondra of Your Life Core, sees, feels and moves energy.  Laurie’s been channeling messages from loved ones, angels, ascended masters and other realms since 7 yrs. old. She is a retired Global Information Technology executive, understanding science and metaphysical worlds. As an author, teacher and ignitor of universal energies she uses her gifts and vibration, sound, crystals and more to shift energy. 

Serendipity Circles with Mary Welch

Mary Welch of Serendipity Circles,  offers you multiple tools to support you in waking up and staying awake! Choose from in person Retreats, Circles, Personal Coaching, Group Coaching, Online products, and of course, her namesake book Alive Aware Awake. Listen to Mary’s audio messages and be inspired to live your life more authentically and joyfully!

Grace Love and Light

Grace Love and Light is owned by Camille Bernards, a Healing Touch practitioner. 

Kundalini Awakening Seminar

Seminar teacher, Chrism, will be here giving talks the week before the Kundalini Awakening seminar which takes place in Mankato the weekend of Oct 28-29.

Lucy Franklin

Healthy coffee and samples.

Conscious Life Resources

Annette Rugolo, owner of Conscious Life Resources, offers products, classes and personal sessions designed to transform your inner and outer environments.

Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi

Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi offers holistic yoga and Tai Chi, meditation, breath work, healing, brain education, health coaching and Emotion Code.

Promus Financial Group

Celine Kitzenberg helps individuals protect their greatest assets and create financial strategies to fit their short-term and long-term goals.

VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healer

VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healer & Founder of Natural Step Tai Chi for Wellbeing. VortexHealing® is a transformational healing art & path for spiritual awakening. A trained practitioner is able to channel Divine Light & Consciousness directly from the divine source in a safe & remarkable way for healing & accelerating the awakening process. 

Cheryl Marie Hiltibran of CMH Healing Arts

Cheryl Marie Hiltibran, (CMH Healing Arts), Life Coaching and Intuitive Healer. My Spiritual Guides and I help you healing underlying blocks to your success and well being. Experience a freedom that lets you access and use more of your natural abilities for living a happier, more fulfilling life.  

Center Within

Michele Rae, owner of Center Within, provides holistic coaching for personal, professional and organizational transformation. While coaching with Michele, clients become more confident and engaged as they accelerate creating a life they love. She is also the author of Living From the Center Within: Co-Creating Who You Are Becoming, featuring practical tools to assist us in accessing higher consciousness and living an empowered life.